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Economic Impact

The Economic Importance of Virginia’s Airports

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s diverse system of 66 public-use airports plays a vital role in the state and regional economies by creating jobs and contributing to overall economic development. In addition, airports in Virginia serve as gateways to the nation’s air transportation system and connect the Commonwealth to the global economy.

The Virginia Department of Aviation prepares this statewide economic impact study periodically to identify the economic benefits associated with nine commercial service and 57 general aviation airports serving communities throughout Virginia. This study focuses on the economic benefits created by the business and tenants on Virginia’s airports, the visitors who travel through those airports, and the in-state companies who rely on the airports to support and conduct their business.

Norfolk International Airport is a significant asset to the region and the Commonwealth. Its value can be assessed in terms of the economic activity generated. In 2018, Norfolk International Airport provided 14,920 jobs with wages of $600 million totaling $1.8 billion in economic output. As the region’s major airport, Norfolk International Airport is poised for growth and is dedicated to serving the local region and its visitor’s needs with convenient air service in an efficient and pleasant travel environment.

Read the 2018 Virginia Airport Economy Impact Study.