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Airport Administration

Norfolk International Airport is governed and operated by the Norfolk Airport Authority. The Authority’s administrative staff can be contacted via e-mail by clicking on their names below or at (757) 857-3351.

The management staff is comprised of the following individuals:

Board of Commissioners

Norfolk International Airport is operated by the Norfolk Airport Authority. The Norfolk Airport Authority is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is an independent autonomous agency of the City of Norfolk. The Authority is governed by a Board of Commissioners consisting of up to nine members appointed by Norfolk City Council for four-year terms, and an Executive Director overseeing day-to-day operations.

The meetings of the Board of Commissioners are held at 1:00 P.M. in the Norfolk Airport Authority’s administrative board room on the fourth Thursday of every month unless changed or canceled by vote of the Board. Special meetings may be called at any time. A schedule of Board of Commissioner meetings can be found in the Press Room. The current Board of Commissioners is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Malcolm P. Branch, Chairman
  • Deborah H. Painter, Vice Chairman
  • Mekbib Gemeda, Treasurer
  • Peter G. Decker, III, Esquire, Commissioner
  • Paul D. Fraim, Esquire, Commissioner
  • William L. Nusbaum, Esquire, Commissioner
  • Blythe Ann Scott, Esquire, Commissioner
  • Bruce B. Smith, Commissioner
  • Chris G. Stephanitsis, Commissioner
  • Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Jr., Emeritus Commissioner